NSO Group’s Commitment to Transparency and Solid Governance

Transparency is a necessary pillar of good corporate governance, and in line with the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, we will release a Transparency Report in June 2021 that analyzes the effectiveness of the extensive policies and procedures we have implemented through the course of the last two years. In that period of time, we have undertaken a number of steps to set a new standard for transparency in our sector, and we have directly offered to work together with several non-governmental organizations to consider implementing additional best-practices.

NSO is wholly committed to developing technology that enables governments all over the world to prevent terrorism, break up criminal operations, find missing persons, and assist search-and-rescue teams. We will do so in a way that is transparent without sacrificing public safety, and we will continue to work with leading human rights and compliance experts around the world to fulfill this mission.