NSO Group Acquires Counter-Drone Company Convexum

NSO Group Acquires Counter-Drone Company Convexum


Tel Aviv, 18th February 2020: NSO Group, a leading technology developer that licenses software solutions to governments and law enforcement agencies to investigate and prevent terror acts, fight crime and increase public safety, announced today the acquisition of Convexum, a Tel Aviv-based start-up. Convexum develops technology that counters the rogue operation of airborne drones.

“As drone defense is becoming increasingly important for public safety, Convexum fits perfectly into our overall corporate vision of providing law enforcement and intelligence agencies the tools they need to stop serious organized crime and terrorism,” said Shalev Hulio CEO of NSO. “We plan to further develop and strengthen the already market-leading technology of Convexum. The new addition to NSO’s portfolio further secures NSO as a true partner for governments in their ongoing fight to protect lives.”

Founded in 2015 by Gilad Sahar, Niv Magen and Tom Gol, Convexum has pioneered a unique approach to mitigating drone threats that adapts well-tested cybersecurity methods to protect against hostile or unauthorized drone intrusions without creating collateral damage or interference to surrounding communications. The Convexum platform is the only solution on the market that can effectively take over and safely land any unauthorized drone attempting to penetrate a protected perimeter.  The platform has proven effective against nearly every drone model available on the commercial market. Additionally, for select commercially available drones, the Convexum system can identify the drone operator’s last location. Convexum’s all-in-one drone defense system establishes no-fly zones, detects and controls rogue drones and effortlessly integrates with existing security systems.

The Convexum system can secure sports stadiums, critical infrastructure, airports, public landmarks and private enterprises and property and is readily available to both government and private-sector clients. The new technology is expected to be adopted soon in the United States and Australia. NSO is in the process of broadening its platform by cooperating with prominent defense contractors to provide its clients with a complete and holistic drone protection solution.