Following today’s media reports, NSO Group wishes to clarify the following:

We have committed before that once there is a suspicion that a customer misuses the technology sold by NSO, the company will investigate and will terminate the contract, if found true.

Last night, following an inquiry we received alleging Ugandan phone numbers used by US government officials were hacked, we immediately shut down all the customers potentially relevant to this case, due to the severity of the allegations, and even before we began the investigation.

This termination took place despite the fact that there is no indication the phones were targeted by NSO’s technology. The claims of all involved parties specifically mentioned there is no indication, let alone proof, that it was NSO’s tools that were used by these customers.

We emphasize that the Pegasus software is installed based on phone numbers only, and the tools are incapable of being installed on US (+1) numbers. This case doesn’t involve US phone numbers, and the company had no way to know who the persons monitored by our customers were.

If the allegations turn out to be true, they are a blunt violation of all commitments and agreements that company has with its customers, and the company will take legal action against these customers.