NSO Group

NSO Group is a top global technology company that develops unique, cutting edge intelligence solutions for governmental clients.
For over a decade, we have been assisting selected intelligence and law enforcement agencies in detecting, investigating and preventing crime and terrorism.

The Threat

We all benefit from technologies and applications that allow us to easily communicate with a click of a button. Cellphone voice calls, text messaging, emails and other means of instant remote communications have become a standard in our lives.

But with convenience comes a price, as there are those who use these technologies for malicious purposes. Their actions are often enabled by off-the-shelf encryption technologies, allowing terrorists, drug-traffickers, sexual predators and other criminals to expand their lethal reach while avoiding detection.

This new reality creates complex challenges that authorities struggle to overcome.

When this happens – when the bad guys “go dark” – the whole world gets darker.

Our Solutions

NSO Group provides intelligence and law enforcement agencies the capability to push back against this growing darkness, seeing clearly what is otherwise invisible.

Developed by elite technology experts, our portfolio provides a wide spectrum of responses to the threats and plays a critical role in protecting the right for life, security and personal safety. Our clients are solely vetted governments entities – the agencies lawfully entrusted with public safety.

Thanks to NSO Group, intelligence and law enforcement agencies worldwide are rapidly closing the gap between them and the terrorists and criminals they track, by legally bypassing commercial encryption to intercept threats in real time.

Our products have saved tens of thousands of lives and spared countless others from suffering. They have also proven valuable in locating missing persons and expediting search-and-rescue missions.

NSO Group offers much-needed, lawful and proportionate solutions, and serves as the only "target-centric" solution.

Deployed in Dozens of Countries
Our Technologies Are Helping:
  • Prevent
    terrorist shooting sprees, car explosions and suicide bombings.
  • Identify
    and break up pedophilia, sex, and drug-trafficking rings.
  • Rescue
    kidnapped children.
  • Locate
    survivors trapped under collapsed buildings in the wake of natural disasters or construction failures.
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    Yaron Shohat
    Chief Executive Officer

    Yaron joined NSO as its COO in 2018, after serving 8 years as COO and General Manager (Israel) of NICE Actimize.

    Prior to that, he was General Manager of RSA's Online Threats Business Unit and VP of Professional Services at Cyota, an anti-fraud solutions provider. He was appointed as NSO Group’s CEO in October 2022.

    Yaron has more than 25 years of experience in the Cyber, FinTech, and crime- and fraud-prevention realms, as well as heading product development divisions in both small startups and large enterprises.

    Yaron holds a BS in Electrical Engineering from the Technion - Israel Institute of Technology and an MBA from the Leon Recanati Graduate School of Business Administration at Tel Aviv University.

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    Shmuel Sunray
    General Counsel

    Since 2019, Shmuel has served as the General Counsel of NSO Group. He has more than 25 years experience in senior legal roles and as a leader and business partner in global, complex and dynamic multinational companies.

    Shmuel served for 14 years at Rafael Advance Defense Systems Ltd. as Executive Vice President and General Counsel, and was previously the General Counsel of Israel Military Industries Ltd.

    Shmuel holds an LLB (magna cum laude) from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

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    Yifa Idsis
    Chief Finance Officer

    Yifa is doing something with money.

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    Tamir Gazneli
    SVP, Research & Development

    Tamir joined NSO’S R&D division in 2015, and served as a team leader and a director of the cyber intelligence team, before he was named SVP R&D in November 2022, overseeing the entire division.
    Prior to joining NSO , Tamir held several position in Marvel, including as the company’s R&D team leader.
    Tamir hold a B.Sc in computer engineering from Bar Ilan University. He is married and has three children.

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    Ariella Ben Abraham
    Global Communications Executive

    Ariella joined NSO Group in 2020 as Head of Global Communications and Public Affairs.

    In most of her 32 years of service at the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF), Ariella held several senior positions in the Spokesperson Unit. In her last position in IDF, Ariella was appointed to Israel State’s Chief Censor, with the rank of brigadier-general.

    Ariella holds a BA in Political Science from Bar-Ilan University, an MBA from Derby University and an MA in Political Science from Haifa University. She is also a graduate of Israel's National Defense College and of the Wexner Executive Education for Public Senior Leaders program at the Harvard Kennedy School.

  • foto
    Michal Alcheh
    Chief People Office

    Michal joined NSO in 2018 as our Vice President of Global Human Resources.
    Michal is responsible for driving success through a global people strategy, including leadership and talent development.

    Scaling unique employee experience, strategic total rewarding and culture transformation.

    Michal has over 20 years of experience in HR. Prior to joining NSO, Michal held several HR leadership positions, with companies including Applied, Marvell and Intel.
    Michal holds an M.A and a B.A in Behavioral Sciences.

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    Ramon Eshkar
    SVP Clients Business Division

    Ramon Eshkar joined NSO in 2015 as Director of Customers Relations. With the growth of the company and its customer base, Ramon assumed the position of Vice President Customers Relations, overseeing the company’s global customer base.
    Since 2022, Ramon is heading the Clients’ Business Division, and is responsible for all issues related to the relations with the company’s customers, including revenue, customers success and customers relations.
    Prior to joining NSO, Ramon served for 5 Years as Director of EMEA and Global accounts in Allot. Further back, Ramon worked at several other global companies in customer relations positions, among them Alvarion and ECI.
    Ramon holds a BA in Business Administration and economics. Ramon is married and has 3 children.

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    Oren Maymon
    Chief Operating Officer

    Oren Maymon joined NSO in 2020, following over 20 years in executive operations management in various large companies and has an extensive experience in all aspects of operations and business management.

    As a Chief Operating Officer of the company, Oren is overseeing of all aspects related to IT, MIS, supply chain, work-place operations, security, travel and Projects Management (PMO) at NSO.

    Prior to joining NSO, Oren served as the COO of a few large, publicly-traded companies, such as Scodix, Endymed Medical and Orckit communications.

    Oren holds a M.B.A in business administration from the College of Management.

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    Tal Agam
    SVP Global Sales

    Tal joined NSO in 2012, serving in various positions in its business, marketing and sales division, overseeing different regions. Throughout her decade at the company, Tal managed all aspects of business and sales, including sales strategy, account growth with existing customers, and fostering new customers and businesses.

    In her current position, Tal is responsible for all of the company’s global sales performance and aligning business and sales strategies to business goals.

    Prior to joining NSO, Tal served in several positions in the Prime Ministers office, as well as positions in the Israeli Embassy in Washington DC.

    Tal hold a BA in Economics and an MBA from Maryland University. Tal is married and has three children.